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Thursday, March 13, 2008

mod animal tea party


Help is to pharmaceuticals what the brilliant Method is to cleaning products: be clear, be environmentally friendly, be different, and look good enough that people will want to show you off.


Life clock

»Life clock«, 2008. Clock mechanism slowed down 61320 times (each number represents years). By Bertrand Planes.


Frame Chair

Created by Luis Porem is the Frame Chair.

Frame Chair

Deep Love of Coffee

Designer: Sunman Kwon

Deep Love of Coffee

Albero Coat Hanger

This is the Albero Coat Hanger designed by Fabio Bortolani. Spotted at Lapalma.


Wave 8:5 by Knell Design

This furniture construction system is a system without
limitations; there is no need for specific constructions
or angles. The right angle is not all there is, curved
and flowing forms can be realised. This patented
furniture system uses hidden screws that can be
dismounted at any time. With simply technic can be
extended, rebuilt or cut shorter (freshly cut-to-size).

Designer: KnellDesign
Made in Germany

Wave 8:5 by Knell Design

Habitual table

the Habitual table by Stephane de Sousa.


Package Design: The Sugar Plum Fairy Baking Company

Zurich Office

Lamp with a separated torchlight

When you need flashlight, just pick off the torch-shaped head of the lamp. Then you could light anywhere you like.

I New Idea Homepage » Lamp with a separated torchlight

Magnetic + Cork + round ball + Pin cusion

Smile plate

Designer: Jamie Wieck

Smile plate


USBee won the first prize on MS Industrial USB Competition held on Seriban Design Community forum DizajnZona™. This concept is designed by young and talented serbian designer Damjan Stankovic. The main goal of competition was to design flexible USB, so it won`t broke if someone hit it while it`s sticked in the computer case.


Duodecagon clock

Duodecagon clock” (2006) by Peter Umgeher.


Pig Corkscrew

This solid chrome plated corkscrew is a fun way to cork bottles for the intelligent piglet

Pig Corkscrew

Lil Jon Starts Little Jonathan Winery

Mccann Erickson

Sony VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder

Record to DVD without a PC, just connect to your camcorder, VCR or DVR for recording video DVDs playable in standard DVD players. The Sony's VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder($187) can be connected to camcorder, VCR, even Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for direct recording of video to standard DVDs playable on consumer DVD players. It also built in 2.5" color LCD screen that you can easy to preview video or view up to 6 digital pictures at a time. Backup digital photos to DVD or create photo slideshow on DVD from Memory card or camcorder via USB.

Sony VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder

DNA: the hot blonde of PC concept design

The DNA personal computer is one of those concepts that, like the almighty Voltron, becomes more powerful the more pieces of it you connect together. It starts out as a bare-bones computer-in-a-cube, with a low-powered processor and graphics card for lower heat generation and power concerns. It uses a projector instead of a screen, and flash memory to help keep its size down. Added power and functionality come from added modules, which communicate with the core wirelessly.

Drinkpee by Tim Yu

The smart folks at EAWAG Aquatic Research in Switzerland have developed a way to extract the phosphorus and nitrogen from urine to be used as fertilizer. Cultivating the nutrients leaves urine harmless to wildlife, otherwise untreated urine reaches the oceans, feeding algae causing algae blooms (also known as Red Tides) which soak up all the oxygen and suffocate fish.

Drinkpee by Tim Yu

Conversation Chair by Ana Linares

“DesCom” by Sung-kyu Nam

Completely dependent on the existence of a giant Samsung media centric laptop computer, this desk beautifully and simply integrates the computer (almost) seamlessly into the desktop surface. Looks great when all together, but when the computer is gone you are left with a desk that has the only distinction of having an uneven surface.



This pictures are done for a Sprint Store.

Most of the pictures where single light elements.

The people shoots are done by Ron Eshel a very god photographer from LA/USA.

Sprint :: lichtfaktor

'toothpick man' toothpick holder by menu

designed by torben rasmussen, the toothpick man from menu is a fun and hygienic way to keep toothpicks. with a gentle push of the black cover, a clean toothpick pops up in the “little man's” arms. never tiring, the little “weight lifter” in menu's toothpick dispenser holds up a clean toothpick in his outstretched arms every time you lift and drop the black cover.

the toothpick man is an easy way to add a playful element to your tabletop.

a bag of toothpicks is included. refill the dispenser by lifting the top of the black cover. use only round wooden toothpicks (max. 2.75”) to refill the dispenser.

note: the toothpick man is not dishwasher safe. to clean, rinse thoroughly with hot water.

Toothpick Man : Nerd Approved - Gadgets and Gizmos