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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ahrend 750 Lounge

The Ahrend 750 lounge worksite is a luxurious, amply dimensioned worksite offering a great deal of privacy for flexi-workers and members of staff whose work involves a great deal of travel and activity and who need to sit down (together or alone) from time to time to touch base. This modular system allows configurations meeting highly specific customer requirements to be created at a competitive price. Ergonomics and comfort are the key words here. The electrically adjustable easy chair complies fully with the relevant standard EN 1335 and the Dutch Practical Guideline NPR 1813, and meets all the demands that might be made on a high-quality working chair.
Main features

A lounge worksite is put together by combining a number of different modules. Essential units to start off with are an electrically adjustable easy chair and a height-adjustable table. A combination of fixed easy chairs some of which may be in a corner, and stools at the end of a row or a second electrically adjustable easy chair if appropriate, may be added to complete the assembly. The whole is mounted on a deck, under which all the necessary cabling can be neatly stored away.

The chairs all have a high backrest to give the set-up a feeling of intimacy, and are upholstered all round as standard. The configuration functions best when free-standing. This cuts down noise from the surroundings and eliminates the need for partitions round the worksite, thus cutting costs. from Ahrend 750 Lounge