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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

“Big Time” table from artist Lee J Rowland

The “Big Time” table from artist Lee J Rowland, which is also a sleek and stylish giant wristwatch, gets a gold makeover from the folks over at Goldstriker. Yes, the LED watch table is the world’s first watch table flaunting 24ct make. The table has been precision engineered in steel, glass, acrylic and flock lining for the drawer interiors. The watch face accommodates a programmable red LED clock that displays time, date seconds, temperature or can be programmed to read messages or words of the owner’s choice up to 8 characters long. The functionality of the table is enhanced by built-in soft touch open utility drawers, which are slim enough to retract discreetly into the slender 50mm thick tabletop. from “Big Time” table from artist Lee J Rowland