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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oncore’s 6-Bay MacBook® and iBook® Battery Charger

Oncore's 6-Bay Battery Charger for Apple® notebook computers is designed specifically with education in mind. With notebook compurer usage steadily increasing in K-12 classrooms, keeping those systems powered up and running all day has become a critical issue for teachers.

With the 6-Bay Charger, Educational users can charge up to six batteries, and keep them ready to power their students Apple® notebooks when needed. And whether you have the latest MacBooks, or are using legacy 12 or 14-inch iBooks, Oncore has you covered with a model for each.
Safety at its core

The Oncore 6-Bay Charger is simple to use. It does one thing—safely charge up to 6 batteries—and it does it well. The charger automatically detects a battery upon insertion and first interrogates its current state of health before beginning to charge. Once safety is established, the charger then controls, monitors and terminates the charge cycle when charging is either complete or an error is encountered. from Oncore’s 6-Bay MacBook® and iBook® Battery Charger