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Monday, August 18, 2008

'parkenlicht' by ami drach and dov ganchrow

'today, headlights are designed as integral to automobile morphology, positioned on the sides of the vehicle's front,
as if eyes, a testimonial memory of the lanterns used to define the width of a horse-drawn carriage negotiating
a dark road. an intriguing object in its own right, the headlight embodies achievements in design and engineering,
integrating mechanics, electronics and optics with multiple materials and colors into myriad shapes and surfaces.

our fascination with the headlight began when holding such an object, sans car to distract our attention,
its complexity and volume revealed as an iceberg emerging from the deep. when transferring the headlight from
its rich natural surroundings to the indoors, we felt compelled to let its personal characteristics lead to a new
stand-alone object. the components of this object were reworked with one eye on typologies from the
lighting design field, the other on the road.' from 'parkenlicht' by ami drach and dov ganchrow