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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Horse Head Pillow Inspired by “The Godfather”

Revenge is a dish best served stuffed: Another Kropserkel original!
A custom severed horse head plush™ that is actually quite comfortable to sleep on, albeit just a tad on the south side of morbid.

A great conversation piece for the wannabe wise guy who has everything, and whose wife won't let them own a revolver. For that matter, something for the authentic wise guy that has a job to do, but has a soft side for the well being of animals. A great home theatre accessory as a tough guy's Teddy bear, aimed squarely at those with a diabolically dark sense of humor. Fans of the mob's harsh brand of communication can now unite and rest comfortably, if not uneasily. Send someone a message they will never forget without the risk of facing prison time for it. from Horse Head Pillow Inspired by “The Godfather”