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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Intensity of Small-Scale Weight

The body functions as a measure when it is taken out from the weight panel. It can tare, show the time and make gram/cal exchange. It provides smaller space for storage that weight panel and the body are pulled through each other. It facilitates weight process and interface usage that control panel and weight panel are placed apart. The aim is to provide maximum usage facility in minimum space. By means of sensory mil weight, it measures the moment of the approaching surface and exchanges it for unit of measurement. Interface consists of three buttons and at the sama time these buttons are used to set the hour data. When the part on the lower panel is to be folded, it is positted on the coaxial gap on the acrylic part. The orange-coloured circle is a visual complement that ensures us placing the things to be weighted on the very middle point.
Designer: Emir Rifat Isik