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Friday, November 7, 2008

Photo Flip Clock

Photo Flip Clock lets you customize a stylish flip clock with photos you take yourself. Just take a photo, or choose one from your gallery, and make it one of the digits in your clock. Any time you see a cool looking number when you're walking around, just add it to the clock! Or, make an entire set of digits out of your kids holding numbers and put your phone on your desk at work!

Features include:

* Unlimited custom photos for each digit
* Rotate, scale, and position your photos to get them just right
* Choose the photo you want to be the digit, or let the clock choose
* Realistic number flip animation
* Realistic flip sound effect
* 24 hour mode
* Stop phone from sleeping
* Hide status bar
* Includes original flip clock images for a cool default clock!

Original flip clock graphics © Guy Hoffman
Photo Flip