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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Long Barn Studio by Nicolas Tye Architects

Nicolas Tye Architects is an award winning company that pushes the very boundaries of design to create timeless and inspirational architecture; not only in creating exclusive and persistently high quality environments for all people, but by recognising that the world around us is ceaselessly changing.

Central to the philosophy of Nicolas Tye Architects is that design is generated by the needs of people. Today, the welfare of people, the environment and for the use of friendly materials and energy saving devices has never been more imperative; a notion that has truly influenced and grown with them, ever expanding their popularity. What a better way to express this belief in healthy living, than to build a stunning and highly unique building designed for the needs of its own workers.

The 2,200 square foot creation “The Long Barn Studio” is set against Nicolas Tye’s own award winning barn-conversion home and sits comfortably against its mature, rolling hill woodland surround in a Bedfordshire village.
The Long Barn Studio by Nicolas Tye Architects