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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Desktop Chair

Fits all current (and recent) Apple laptops

Desktop Chair is one-size-fits-all design. It fits virtually all Apple laptops with a height of 1.2" (30mm) or less, regardless of the shape, with or without a cover, now and the future.

Compatible Apple laptops includes:

* All MacBook Pro models
* All MacBook models
* All MacBook Air models
* All PowerBook G4 models
* and probably all models in the future :)
* yes, of course iPads!

Desktop Chair will be made of a five-layer ply of quality natural basswood for structural strength and fine texture. It will be hand-made in the same factory that produces furniture for European brands.

Our story

MOKU is a Japan-based atelier run by Masayuki & Hideyuki (son & pop), a dynamic duo combining the expertise in modern industrial design and traditional woodcrafting.

The idea of Desktop Chair, our first project, came from our own genuine need for something which we feel comfortable putting our laptop on while working on a large screen.

After making two for ourselves, people kept asking us to make the same thing. It was so many that we couldn't keep up with the requests! Making custom-made woodcrafts is something of our speciality, but making them in a batch and delivering to many others is a whole new story...
Desktop Chair