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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Amazing Portable Humidifier & Mist AGgift

* Any water bottle can be used but Evian or bottle top with size of 28-32MM use is recommended for its bottle top size. Other water bottles will fit loosely but humidifier will function without any problems. No cleansing or sanitizing needed. USB cable included. 100% Made in Korea. Can be used in the car when the air is dry from heater or air conditioner. Can be used as a mist when hydration is needed. Can be used as a night light. Coverage up to 150~180sq. Can be used to 6~8 hours with 10-16 fl oz of bottled water on USB cable or smart phone charger. Can be carried anywhere due to its compact size. Evian bottled water use is recommended. Filter can be used for three months and can be used longer when filter is dried in the sunlight. No loud noise with use. When not in use, unplug the device from usb cable or charger and dry the filter in the sunligt. Amazing Portable Humidifier & Mist AGgift